Day25: The last day with my lovely host family.

After back from the trip and relaxed at Anne’s house. My host family and Anne went to Japanese noodles shop for dinner. I ordered a big Tonkatsu noodles…. I realized later that the big amount of noodles in Taiwan and Thailand isn’t the same. The small one in Taiwan is like a big one in Thailand and the big one in Taiwan is like a jumbo and way bigger than Thailand’s. So, of course, I couldn’t finish it by myself, my host mother helped me finished.

When we got home, Jimmy and Ferniza played badminton outside. I planned to wash clothes early today, but some reason I went down to ask host mother for rubber band to tie my Uno card. Before I was about to go to my room, she asked me if tomorrow I would stay with us, I said tonight is the last day and she hugged me. We hugged each other.

She said thank you to me and glad to meet me I said it back and we started talking about something else. I told her I might come back here again in December I told her that I wanted to study Chinese and so many things. Our conversations went so smooth that I forgot about doing laundry and ended up sitting, talking with her and few minutes later, Kanchih joined us. We talked about so many things, Thai education, Thai and Taiwanese jobs, studying abroad, traveling, how lucky I am to have a chance to travel a lot and his past educational information. It reminded me of the first day when I came here when we sat right there and talked about our stories. She also said sorry for me that she might not take care of me well and I said noo… I really have a great time here. I really have.

How lucky I am to have this kind of lovely host family.

I’m wondering how things might change when I come back to here in December. Buting would be able to speak. Jimmy will graduate from elementary school soon , Ferniza will be happy about her first grade student’s life and my host parents must be nice as always. I wish I had a chance to meet them again.

About 10 pm,



Day24: Last day in Beishi.

Well, not really officially the last day since we’re having a camp here next whole week. But it can be the last day of meeting students and some teachers here.

I woke up at 6 am as usual and had fried chicken sandwich with Thai milk tea that prepared by my host mother. I haven’t prepared my breakfast for few days so far… no more fried eggs in the morning. We, Kanchih and I came to school early today, 7.20 am. I didn’t work on my diary as I always do, but took a walk around school, watched fifth graders exercised and took some pictures. When Anne arrived, Kanchih, Anne and I talked about this weekend’s trip. Here’s the solution.

Today, Friday afternoon, we’re going to Chihkan Tower, Grand Mazu Temple, Hai An Road, Shennong Street, Zhengxing Street, Confucius Temple, maybe Hayashi department store, Great South Gate and Da Dong night market. My host father is going to take us there and back.

On Saturday, we’re going to take a bus directly from a bus stop nearby our houses, Madou to YuJing and probably spend whole day there.

On Sunday, we’re Taijiang National park and Anping fort (again) with Lili. I hope that I can wake up late today since I really need to… LOL we’re going to have whole week camp and I’m supposed to have a long rest right!

After we’re done with our plans, today has a free market in our school. Normally, students and some parent’s students bring some thing they have and want to sell today and if I don’t misunderstand, they do this for charity. It’s like a second-handed night market, but you don’t sell it for yourself but other people. I bought a bunch of hair band for my host sister, Ferniza, costed 5 dollars. The fifth grade teacher gave me one pencil with “I’m sleepy” in English and Chinese on.

Well, I also did a bad thing today. When I was with John watching other people playing game in front of fifth grade classroom. I asked if he wanted to play it, and he said yes but he didn’t have money. So…. I offered him five dollars and he refused. I was reckless that I shouldn’t have done that, at the time I just wanted to help him have some fun.

The free market made me think about a friend of mine named Irin or Tangma. She is my bestfriend since when we were in grade 6th and when our school had this kind of market, she usually brought tons of stuffs to sell such as her novels, toys , glasses and even snacks. The only different between the free market here and in my school was that we didn’t do it for charity, we did it by ourselves.

After spending there for awhile, Anne and I gave the teachers the souvenirs we brought from Canada and Thailand. I brought key chains and magnets with some famous places in Thailand and Anne brought a card with Canada flag on the other side and her autograph. I got Queen!! hehe

There is no class today I assume, so Anne, other teachers and I just spent time in the office. One teacher also gave me a big bag of different breads inside telling me that you can take them to home. Because I couldn’t resist with my hungry, I finished one at 11 am and it tasted quite nice. My host father said we’re going to leave around 11.40. I’m wondering what I’m supposed to do right now… should I say goodbye to the children? Who I won’t meet again next week? …

We left the school around noon without saying goodbye to any students.

Yes, we really did that.

I honestly wanted to say it to some students, but I also think it’s going to be awkward, emotional and because my host father was in a hurry to take Jimmy and Ferniza at school and get home. After that he took my host mom, Jimmy, Ferniza and Buting to her brother’s house, he took Anne and I to Tasty restaurant at Deco Home department store(if I’m not wrong) It’s something like IKEA to have lunch with other teachers. The people who sat next to me were Anne and the soldier who I forgot his name again.

We had some kind of menu set at Tasty restaurant today. Basically, we just need to select what we want to eat in each category, appetizer, salad, main dish, Antipasto, Soup, dessert and soft drink. I ordered Roast chicken as a main dish, potato salad, gratined mushrooms and baked toasts as antipasto, seafood soup, raspberry panna cotta and milk tea with popcorn as a soft drink. They provide appetizer and passion fruit as a drink too. After we’re done, we’re really full and Anne and I did a surveillant form. The funny thing was that we’ve only got one form so we decided to do it together and signed our mixed names as “Anne Pornpitakkul”.

The environment and taste of food there were good, but the company is the best. They, Anne and other teacher were surprised that I don’t like fried chicken skin. Anne said it’s the best part of the chicken and “You don’t have chicken skin … we can’t be friends anymore” LOL

Then the principle took Anne and I to Great South Gate. Then we moved to Confucius Temple where the ticket costed 25 dollars, the old street in front of the temple. I also experienced myself today there by buying spicy meat ice cream…. It’s totally not worth of my 50 dollars… It’s ice cream right? why do you smell pork-liked? the worst thing was that there was a real pork meat mixed with the ice cream. I threw it away when we were walking to Hiyashi department store.

Before throwing it, I spat the ice cream to my leg and it’s so bad experience. Actually, it’s our second time here at Hiyashi department store. The last time we went is with Andrew, but we only walked in first floor. There are six floor here and I think the other floors besides the first one is pretty nice. They sells clothes, some arts, postcards, so many interesting stuffs but I didn’t buy anything since it’s quite too expensive. The highest floor is the cafe and the view was pretty nice. When you left the Hiyashi, it’s raining.

Then as a plan, we headed to Zhengxing and Shennong street where didn’t have anything much… just normal market and not interesting personally. We spent quite short time at those two streets. Then we moved to Chihkan Tower, where I went already with my brother on our last Taiwan trip to try coffin cake. Honestly, it’s so so nothing special… maybe because I’m still full from the big lunch at Tasty restaurant. And then Grand Mazu Temple where is really near. Anne and I tried to find one watermelon shop, but it already closed when you’re there, so we took a taxi for the first time in 24 days from Grand Mazu Temple to Da Dong night market costed us 115 bath in total.

Da Dong night market is the first night market I went on the trip with my brother and it’s the fourth night market I have been to in Taiwan so far. First one is Madou and then Liuhe night market in Kaohsiung, Feng Chia night market in Taichung and here, Da dong night market. I’m planning to go more in Taipei too.

We started roaming around from the left sided to the right sided. Anne bought the coconut milk and a bun with meat inside while I bought fried squid(as always) costed 90 dollars, Hong Cha or red tea costed 25 dollars and one black clothe costed 350 dollars. Around 8.30 pm, my host family picked us in front of the night market and went home.

Today was fun. I thought I would be more emotional about leaving school today (although it’s not an officially last day), but I wasn’t that emotional. Maybe because deep down I know that we will meet again next week. The things I like today were the rainbow we saw when we were crossing to road, the lunch at Tasty, Da Dong night market and the feeling that knowing I can wake up a bit late tomorrow. Anne and I are going to YuJing by 10.10 am tomorrow so I can wake up around 8.

From Great South Gate to Grand Mazu Temple, we walked and found ways by Google map. I’m pretty proud of ourselves and looking forward to our next trips (which is tomorrow!)

Oh also, today is the last day of June 2017. How fast time can be.

June, 30 2017



Day22-23 : Working on the English camp.

Currently, I’m so busy with the English camp that will be held next week in Beishi elementary school and Anye elementary school in next two weeks. It’s tiring, but I’m also happy and felt productive.

Right now about 11 pm of June, 29th 2017 and tomorrow is the officially last day in Beishi elementary school with the students and every teacher. I can’t believe it’s tomorrow… it was so fast … I’m feeling like it’s just a week there when it’s actually four weeks! Tomorrow is only half school day, so Anne and I are going to Tainan city at noon. Right now, I’m thinking about my closest (student)friend in Beishi, John. Well, I didn’t want to be dramatic and emotional(as I always be) tomorrow… I want my goodbyes to be “See you again” and I really want to meet them again in my life. How wonderful it would be right? when you see them growing up and it would definitely surprise you how amazing they are.

Also, it’s the last week with my lovely host family. I tried my best to spend as much as time I could with them although sometimes I ended up falling asleep so early because of my tireness. Today, June, 29th after we had dinner together. we went to fourth floor to watch the beautiful sky. The sky in evening today was really beautiful… the colors, red and blue mixed so perfectly and also it’s raining a bit,so we saw rainbow, the second rainbow I have seen here so far.

Thinking about another good thing today must be the word from Rachael. She said this when we were working together at the library of Anye elementary school.

“Being with you guys this two weeks is happier than the last three weeks here”

It’s not exactly what she said though, but it means the same. Being with them, Rachael, Perrin, Anne and Nam is wonderful. We worked. We laughed a lot. We talked about almost everything we could come up. We played games together. We had amazing time.

Day21: Not the last day.

Tuesday. It’s not a last day in Beishi elementary school.

My host father made breakfast, a fried flour with veggie for me today. Because of the broken clock, Jimmy, my host father and I went to school too early. When we got off the car, I have heard songs that I have never heard in the morning! I don’t mind being too early actually, yet I like it since we can see and feel something we never feel before. I also realized that “Walking Walking” song opens at 7.45 am every day.

Today in the morning, we have some kind of traditional thing that sixth graders usually do, they made some kind of games about Science and let other graders joined. I’m with group three today. The weather was sooooooo bloody hot that I get sweat a lot! There were about 10 sessions? I’m not sure and our team got about eight. It was fun and tired at the same time.

After that I joined Music class with first graders. Actually, there was no classes since we all finished the finals, so it’s like a little party today that children brought snacks and beverage to eat together. We played Uno and many more games together, but what tired me the most was that playing with the boys, Justin, Jeff and Ricky. The teacher gave me green tea too. She is so cute. Also, Jeff took some photos for me and then we started saying “You’re not good at taking photos” in Chinese.

At lunch time, first grade teacher gave me grape tea and honestly it’s bitter. And lunch today wasn’t my thing, pumpkin with tofu, pork bone with ginger and pork ball soup.

I also joined first graders at the kinder garden and I realized how old I am after that. I got tired so easily comparing to them… it would be funnier if I got sweaty less and the weather was cooler. Moreover, the science teacher gave everyone lemon tea today…which means that I’ve got three drinks today! , Green Tea from music teacher, grape tea from first graders and lemon tea from science teacher. Before leaving school, first grade teacher also gave me chocolate… Anne’s host mother took me to home today.

I forgot to mention that John, Anne and I still play basketball together. Not every single break but almost. The thing today was when the break after lunch, the ball that we play often stuck on the tree and we, fifth graders and I tried to used another ball to take it down but it’s no use until the principal made it.

Jimmy and Ferniza had piano class today so before taking them to the classroom, we dropped at Madou Daitian Temple. It’s about 7 pm when we were there but the weather still bloody hot. Then while waiting for Jimmy and Ferniza, we went to Anne’s house to plan about our trip in Taipei and about 6.30 pm we took Jimmy and Ferniza to my host father’s mother house together. Bur before that my host dad dropped 7-11 that he told me the most beautiful in Madou to buy stamps.

The house isn’t far from where we currently live and it’s easy to go there every week. The foods and fruits are always good there. This is the last time I would visit this house I realized when we were about to leave.

To be honest, I have so many things annoying me in my mind since when I was in the school office and about to leave. There was an incident there that bothered my happiness after that since I guess I’m also involved to that although Anne told me it would be fine. Also, got stressed about the coming up English camp and the trip. Anyway, every cloud has a sliver line right? On the way to host dad’s mother house, the sky was so cute as a cotton candy and when I left there, I could see that moon so clearly. I hope what’s going to happen next makes me stronger and of course be happy 🙂


Day20: Another day in Beishi.

Well, last Friday is not officially last day here.

Woke up at 6 am and still felt so tired because of the trip. I felt my back and legs a bit hurt, but it’s not that serious. i had Taiwanese styled eggs bread this morning with Jimmy and my host father. Today, my host father took Jimmy and one girl student who studies at the same school to their school and then took me to Beishi but my host dad doesn’t need to go to school today so he just dropped me in front of school.

While waiting for the first class to be started, Anne and I randomly talked about things such as our trips, something funny that happened yesterday while we were having dinner (only we know!!) ), the top I bought from yesterday night market in Taichung and the differences between Thailand and the states where she studies. Later, Lili told me (through Anne) that first grade would have free class this morning so I needed to teach them something. I’m thinking about one Thai song called “Chang” which means the elephant in Thai and in the song, it tells about the elephant, the national animal of Thailand,  and how it looks. Plus, I’m going to teach them about all English alphabets that I think they already koow but they need to come up with any words that begin with all alphabets. I hope it’s going to be good both for them and me.

On the first break, John gave me Lotte Choco pie and we played basketball together(as always). Actually when I arrived office, I saw him, Minna and other fifth grades students were playing basketball too but I was too tired to join(although right now I’m still feeling so) It’s soooooooooooooo hot weather as always I don’t really mind that my skin would get tanned since it’s already tanned but the thing is I don’t like that uncomfortable feelings when I get sweaty.

During the second break of the day after John and I were resting under shade near basketball court, I finally told him things that stuck in my mind a long time. I told him that after tomorrow I won’t come to Beishi anymore. His reaction hurt me to be honest. He asked me when I will come back and I answered I will try to come back on December. He told me that he won’t be here anymore at that time… and after that there was a long silence between us. I think we both know how each other feelings and we need to accept. I need to remind that all things we talked about are through dictionary and google translater since he cannot speak English and I cannot speak Chinese.

On third class, I showed first graders a Thai children song named Chang and English ones that I had planned to do. They seem interested in Thai culture asked my full name and show me their names. Hoping they know some English words and Thai culture more.

Lunch today was great! Most of the menu items are my favorite such as omelet, seaweed and egg soup and tofu with vegetable. The first grade teacher gave me a kind of sausage and dessert that fifth graders made. The dessert looks so similar to one Thai dessert called “บัวลอย”. Plus, I also found that it tastes like bubble milk tea. While I was having lunch, Anne told me that we need to go to Anye elementary school at 1.20 pm.

The principle of Anye elementary school drove us from our school to Anye around 1.30 pm. Obviously, Anye elementary school is pretty bigger than Beishi, but all building has only first floor while Beshih has third floor. About 2 pm when we arrived, some AIESECERS from NCKU are already there and they’re discussing about the camp. The Anye’s principle told us we don’t need to join, so Anne and I waited outside and talked about random things as we have done. I’m not sure how long we talked, but suddenly Perrin, another volunteer from Hong Kong, Nam, from Thailand approached us and said hi. Then three of us joined the meeting with another AIESECERS. Rachael joined us later.

Apparently, everyone can speak Chinese except me, so they need to speak English telling us roughly about the camps’ schedule. At first we’re about not to have weekends to take a rest, but we discussed it later and finally got it. First week, we, Rachael, Perrin, Nam, Anne, one AIESECER who I don’t know her name yet and I will stay in Beishi elementary school and make a camp there and then on Friday when we finish at Beishi, we will stay at Anye elementary school. Plus, after all these project ends, someone would take us to Tainan city and we might stay at the hostel for a night. Everything isn’t planned in details and we need to discuss about it more a lot.

About 5 pm, Lili took Anne and I to home. Today’s dinner was made by Ferniza! There were fried rice, soup and desserts. The dessert is similar to “เฉาก๋วย” in Thailand. Then, I just spent my time with Jimmy and Ferniza playing games together until about 9 pm.

Well, Anne also said that Friday is probably our official last day in Beishi that I’d like to hear. When the principle of Anye elementary school leaded us to his car, John ran to us and say nothing, but acted like he’s crying. It’s a bit hurting inside. I’m not sure if we need to go to Anye again tomorrow or not, but I think it’s going to be another great day.

Can’t wait to see John and play basketball with him again!

Day19: National Taiwan Fine Art Museum – Dongshi Township.

Sunday. Second day in Taichung.

We planned to wake up at 8 am and I really did. Around 8.30 am, Anne and I had egg rolls that we bought from Sun Moon Lake yesterday at the kitchen of the hostel. At 9 am when reached the bus stop, the bus that we needed to take just passed by us and according to the bus timetable at the bus stop, next bus would come around 20 minutes later so we decided to have breakfast nearby.

Just around the corner, we found one local breakfast shop. And again #stupidthingswedoinTaiwan2017 we waited for them to take our orders for awhile and realized later that we could do it by ourselves. And when we did, we put our buns, the breakfast that I don’t even know what’s inside on a box instead of plastic bags. To be frank, I would say this probably the worst breakfast. The bun and black tea were OK, but the sausages were so sour that I knew it’s going to expire soon or already expired and we didn’t finish them while waiting for the bus, on the bus!

We arrived National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts at 10 am. At first I thought it’s just normal fine arts museum in Taichung although its name is National (it’s normal in Thai to have these kind of things) but when I arrived I thought it might be National really since it’s quite big and has wide space, big yards, outside the museum.

The first exhibition we attended was “No Such Thing As Gravity” and It’s awesome. All arts are perfect in dark room especially when it changed into another different shape. I give this second exhibition I like the most.

The next exhibition was the first one I like the most, Specular Reflection by Nick Dong. This is also mostly in dark room, but the different was the more you walk in, the more surprises you will get. My favorite in this exhibition was the light tree. It reminded me of some fancy things and It’s sooooo beautiful. After I saw this tree, I told Anne that here is the most beautiful fine arts I’ve ever seen in my life. I love how they created all arts could move as if they had lives.

Then we moved to another exhibition on first floor and second floor. There are also a library on third floor and shops on first floor. I bought two postcards from there.

About 1 pm, we left the museum and headed to find Pineapple cakes and lunch. The pineapple cake shop that Anne mentioned wasn’t that far from the museum, but because of hot weather that made me feel it’s far. The pineapples cake we bought have two kinds, sweet ones and sour ones. I bought two big boxes and they were more expensive than I thought, 830 dollars. Then we had lunch at 7-11.  I had Japanese curry chicken with eggs then took bus to Taichung High Speed Rail.

Again, we reached there earlier and changed the time. I texted him after that, but he told us that they’re still at Nantou, a city near Sun Moon Lake, so we needed to take a bus to National Palace museum just to kill time. We didn’t buy tickets to look inside the museum, just roamed around and had a relax.

About 30 minutes later, they picked us from National Palace Museum to somewhere else, Dongshi Towership. When we got there, there were so many people playing kites, volleyball, playing with sand, waiting for the sunset and many more. My host father, mother, Jimmy, Ferniza and Buting decided to play volleyball and sand while Anne and I just walked around and talked about random things such as if you could change one thing on your body, what would I be? what type of guys do you like?. We just walked around until we were hungry.

Anne and I got hungry earlier than my host family so we decided to find something to eat first. Anne told me that this place, Dongshi Towership is famous about oyster cake and of course we tried. There was something funny and embarrassing happened to me (and Anne) while we were having oyster cake, but I think I wouldn’t get into details. It makes me feel awkward after that (if Anne read this one day, don’t laugh) Then I bought lemon tea and fried chicken.

About 9 pm, we reached home and I felt tired(as always) Next week is the last week for me to be in Beishi and with my host family. It’s so fast.

Day18: Taichung – Sun Moon Lake – Fengjia Night Market.

Today we’re going to the Sun Moon Lake!

It’s Saturday morning, but the time I woke up was not different from weekdays, 6 am. I felt a bit tired and sleepy knowing that I haven’t slept properly for few days. My host father took Anne and I to Chiayi High Speed Rail station around seven o’clock that is a lot earlier than the time we had booked, so we asked the worker to change it into the earlier train. Anne and I bought some breads, red pork bun and chocolate bun (Anne bought the cream one) from family mart. To be honest, they tasted nothing as if I had a piece of paper. I’m wondering how many I have bought this kind of things expecting they would be good but they never be. The ride from Chiayi to Taichung didn’t take so much time, about 30 minutes that when we reached Taichung High Speed Rail station, I didn’t finished eating yet.

After arriving there, we took escalator down and changed our online bus tickets into the proper ones and bought more cable car tickets costed 250 dollars. There were not as crowed as I thought when we saw the bus line at entrance 5, only ten people in front of us. Then we took bus to Sun moon Lake. On the way to the sun moon lake, I’m not sure how long exactly it takes but I had a feeling that it’s quite a long time so I ended up taking a nap(as always).

Around 10 am, we arrived the bus stop. We gave our tickets from High Speed Rail station to a guy from one of boat companies there and he gave me a black stamp pumped on Anne’s and my wrists. The sky there was great although it’s a bit cloudy and the weather is kind of hot. At first, we were at Yuchih Township and the next pier we’re going to is ___. The first thing I did after arriving to the pier was finding more snacks to eat since those breads familymart didn’t make me full at all. So, I bought one meat ball, 30 dollars and Assam black tea that Anne told me it’s famous here. Anne’s was Assam milk black tea which tasted totally milk. Anyway, we shared drinks together and we prefer the one without milk.

After I bought some foods and Anne bought Assam tea for her sister, we headed to cable car station. Before going inside the cable car, I asked Anne which colors of cable car we would get Yellow? blue? or green?  Anne said blue and I said yellow. And as always, I lost! It’s blue. Anne also asked me if I’m afraid of height. I said sometimes then she teased me by saying she will rock the cable car Lol

The cable car was great. When we were in the cable car and looked down. it’s sooo soo wonderful. I felt like I were in a movie of cold places like Canada and Europe. There were some parts that Anne and I randomly talked about things, some parts we just kept quiet and I love both parts.

When we got off the cable car, we just walked around there for minutes and left. Actually there is an amusement park costed 380 dollars (If I’m not wrong) at the terminal of this cable car, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to go there.

After that we went to a butterfly garden nearby cable car station. This place was so peaceful and suddenly Anne said she’s wondering if there is any snake here which was freaking me out a bit but we kept moving anyway. When we got into a kind of dorm of butterflies, there were only us there. What a private trip. We spent time there about twenty minutes and then moved to another pier.

About 1 pm, we moved to another pier, ___ where we planned to have lunch here, but it turned out having only tea eggs. Honestly, I don’t think tea eggs are special since there are this king of food a lot in Thailand and somehow Thais are better. After that mini lunch, we headed to a temple, took some photos and waited for the ferry. We didn’t spent a lot of time in this pier.

According to that mini-lunch that didn’t make us full at all, we found some places to have a proper lunch on this third island. We had braised pork with rice, egg rolls and some drinks. I also saw brown and red bananas here which are quite interesting to me. About 3 pm, we took a rest nearby coast expecting to kill time since we might get to the night market too early.

The funny thing of this trip was that there was one family group that we met so often, for example when we got into the ferry at the first time, we met them. and also second time and even the last time we were going to take a bus to Taichung.

On the way back to Taichung High Speed Rail, it’s raining and I probably took a nap after a few minutes the bus off. We took a bus number 19 to our hostel, Happy Inn, left our stuffs there and quickly moved to the night market by bus. Honestly, I think it’s quite complicated to get there and probably today’s Saturday so almost every bus is stuffed with people. But you know what’s more stuffed than the buses?

Fengjia Night Market.

There are tons of people here! which is completely different from Madou night market. The first thing we tried was the egg cake that the soldier in Beishi elementary school recommended. Actually there was no queue tag left when we were there, but there was one helpful woman that helped us to buy. I really appreciate.

After that, we tried Takoyaki, green milk tea(Anne) , green tea (which tastes like Jasmine tea) and lastly roseapples. Every shop there has a long queue and a lot of people. The last thing we did before leaving there was something I’ve been craving since I got here, shopping. I’ve got one pink dress, one pink T-shirt, one denim shorts and three socks for friends while Anne’s got one top from Nabshop.

Personally I don’t like going or traveling to some places that are crowded or people packed there, for some reasons I like this night market although I didn’t try foods as many as I wanted since I got full easily. Probably that goods feelings after shopping clothes and those eye candies (LOL) I told Anne that about this later and she said I need to tell her next time … but I’m wondering how I can tell her since they definitely understand English, the language that I speak with Anne.

Then we walked a lot, I meant about 15 minutes to get to the bus stop and the street was pretty creepy and dark. About 11pm, we reached our hostel and because of taking a nap a lot today, I didn’t feel sleepy and ended up sleeping around 1 am.

Day17: Last Friday in Beishi.

Of course, toast , cheese and fried egg. What surprised me this morning were myy fried eggs looked so good today I dont know why and Ferniza woke up earlier than me. On the way taking Ferniza to school, my host dad and I talked about vacational school in Taiwan and gas station. He told me that there are two big kind of fuel, diesel and gasohol (92,95,98) and I was wondering which one my parents take, but I think it’s benzene? Plus, he also told me that vacational school is good since you would know some skilss than other people and reading is something you can do later, but skills you need to practice, need a lot of effort and I totally agree.

We arrived school about 8 o’clock that it’s quite late than other days. A woman who sits next to me gave me roseapples which are delicious and I spent my little time before classes started by writing postcards to my friends. At the first break, John gave me a snack tasted like instant noodles ,I gave him Cheetos which I bought from Pxmart yesterday night back and of course, we played basketball under sunny day together.

I joined an art class today. The teacher wanted us to make some kind of door hanger and I thought about making it for John, so I wrote “Thank you – ขอบคุณ – โชคดี – 平安·” on the paper. I hope he would like it.

After having lunch in second grade student’s classroom, I went to office to take a rest. I shared snacks I bought yesterday, Cheetos and Koala March with Anne and other teachers. Nothing’s better than resting and eating in the room with air-conditioner during this bloody hot day.

Actually I needed to stay with second graders in the afternoon, but first grade teacher invited me to joined her class, some kind of plasticine. We tried to make a Pokemon cartoon, but I changed its hair style into what I want to be that Anne said it’s like a pink spider? Turned out it’s cuter that I thought. I was really fun and I like it.

About 3 pm, we, Kanchih, Anne, Nick and I went home quite early. Kanchih and I picked Ferniza from Anye elementary school to home and be ready to their art class in Tainan today. About 4 pm, my host father dropped us, Anne and I at veteran general hospital bus stop. It took us about ten minutes to wait for the bus and about an hour to Anping house. We arrived there at 5.20 pm which means we have 40 minutes left to look around there. The cost of entrance is 25 dollars with student ID. Honestly, it’s not many things there apparently historical building. Anne told me that these trees started growing and making shape with house since the end of World War Two, 1945, so it’s about 60 years old.

After that we walked around Anping fort. Unluckily, we were too late to get inside. There are a market nearby Anping fort too, so we had dinner there. Anne had oyster cake and I had shrimp cake and of course with bubble tea.

About 8 am we went back to the department store where we once visited, only behind Tainan train station with Andrew by bus number 2. The funny thing is that our misunderstanding about the name of this department store that made us wait for my host father in different places. Also, we did some stupid things there again.

Around 9.30 pm, we arrived home and I felt tired and a bit good at the same time. I’ve got Oguma mask for my friends from the department store. Actually, one purpose of the purposes I wanted to go Tainan apart from visiting Anping is that I wanted to get my watch I forgot from Kaohsiung trip back from my friend, Andrew, but he said his cellphone died and he hasn’t got my watch with him yet. (Although the last time we met, he said he already got it?)

Anyway, tomorrow Anne and I are going to the Sun moon lake in the early morning and I bet it would be a great trip. Time to take a rest and be ready for next adventures!


Day16: Last Thursday in Beishi and one more Thailand presentation.

While having cheese toast with corn and vegetables(just like yesterday) as breakfast with Kanchih, we talked about some differences about Thai and Chinese language, for example we have different structure comparing to English. He said most of Thai words make noun before adjective while Chinese and English ones make after. On the way to school, I asked him about thieves here (LOL )and he told me about this Friday’s plan. He’s going to leave Beishi elemetary school earlier, 3 pm , and take Jimmy, Ferniza and Nick to dancing and art classes in Tainan Downtown, so Anne and I can join and travel somewhere if we want. At first, I was in two minds since this Friday is supposed to be my last day in the school, but Anne told me that we might come back again next week just for some days when we don’t need to prepare about English camp at Anye elementary school.

Today, the principle is going to take Anne and I to other school, Chia Chong elementary school for sharing some Thai and Canadian cultures. About 8 am, two people from the school picked us from the office to the school. This school is quite smaller than Beishi school and most of the areas have only one floor. There was some problem about the computer system at first, but then everything was OK. Anne presented about Canada first, had a break and then I presented Thailand. After the presentation, they asked me some questions for examples, what are your favorite colors? what are your hobbies? what is your favorite instrument? Are shrimps in Thailand big and delicious? What are favorite foods?. Plus, the principle gave us key chain and mulberries vinegar.

We left this school around 11 am and life’s back on track again. I joined second graders making Pokemon arts and then having lunch. Lunch today was interesting because I hardly have this kind of things especially pork intestine soup which my host father told me later that it’s quite famous in Tainan. After lunch, we, Anne and I have two English classes with fourth graders in a row. We read three books for students and after reading them asked them questions, what they felt, what they learnt and any new vocabularies that they learnt from the stories.

After that, I went to the library with second graders and read some books for them. It’s lovely that sometimes when I taught them English, they taught me Chinese back.

Of course, every break I have today, I spent it with playing basketball. Comparing to the first day, there were only John and I and now they’re about 4-6 people joining us that we can make teams. Even the last minutes that I was about to go home, we still played basketball and Kanchih also joined us. I wish that when I leave, they would keep playing basketball together.

My host family took me to have outside today after trying an egg tart and resting at home for a while. At first, I thought they would just have dinner outside, but turned out they took me to beach!, Cigu beach. It’s a lot beautiful than I had expected it would be. When we reached there, there was only us and the sunlight and wind was great. I didn’t know why I felt so happy there. I love the feeling when the wind touches my hand when we’re driving and how the sea water touches my feet. It’s really great feeling. After that, we went to another place called something national park. My host father pointed me crabs there and told me some stories. He told that there was one kind of crab that meant “thunderstorm crab” in English, because they believe that this crab won’t open their arms if there is no thunderstorm sound. Interesting.

Then we moved to another beach nearby to see the sunset. There were a lot of different shaped and sized of rocks instead of sand. My mother host said it’s because they wanted to protect the bay from wave and most of Taiwanese don’t like it because it’s not natural. But for me, it’s interesting because I hardly see this kind of beach. I would say I like it especially during the sunset time.

Plus, it’s my first time (in this trip) that I went to supermarket and gas station. The gas station here is quite the same as Thailand because there are workers that we don’t need to do anything by yourself, but Thailand always has mini mart or coffee shop that make it bigger and more convenient.

About 8 pm, we had dinner at a local shop nearby our house. I had rice noodles with eggs and pork balls and dumpling. It’s not that bad comparing to its price. When I reached home, I washed clothes and about 9 pm, my host father asked if I wanted to go to the supermarket. Of course, I said yes even if it’s more than 9 pm now. The supermarket is near to our house and it’s so big that there is a salon there. I spent about three hundreds dollars on a bottle of milk tea, rose tea, milk green tea, Cheetos,  KoKo Krunch and some candies.

About 10 pm, we got back to home. I looked through all of the pictures I took today and went to sleep. Tomorrow might be last day in Beishi elementary school. I hope everything would be great.

June, 22nd 2017



Day15 : Last Wednesday in Beshi and Thailand presentation.

Woke up with (pretty) good mood under this sunny day, I prepared my simply breakfast as usual, a cheese toast with fried eggs. I did three eggs today. The first and second fried eggs look pretty good until the third one… so I chose the third one to be mine and another for Kanchih and my host mother. Before leaving the hose, Kanchih and I talked about this weekend’s trip again. Because of having problems about booking yesterday night, we decided not to book it yet and he asked if we could change where we would like to visit.


The same as another Wednesday in Beishi elementary school, we’re having English week today morning. Anne and I taught “How do you feel?” sentence and then it’s my turn for Thailand presentation. My presentation was a bit long I guess that’s why we didn’t have time for baseball English. The presentation was OK. and I taught them few common words, showed what difference between Taiwan and Thailand and felt glad that I can make some of foreigners know about my country a lot more.

After English week, I’m with second grade students today. And on the first break of today, John and I played basketball under the super sunny day. He told me that he likes the snack that I gave him yesterday and he brought some kind of bread snack for me and others. Playing basketball with him is fun as always and somehow our communication is getting better. We say “bu hao” when we couldn’t shoot the ball and “hao” or “hen hao” when we can. It’s funny but somehow I like it.

Around 11 am, I had a presentation about “No smoking” and “No betel nuts” with fifth graders. Honestly, it’s a bit awkward. After that the teacher told students the final exam’s scores and John, my favorite basketball buddy, got not really good scores. I just realized today that he couldn’t even write all of English alphabets and he told me that he doesn’t like English. So, I taught him about some mistakes he made on final exam and he gave me “Ann”, meant save or good luck? in Chinese key chain to me. How nice it is.

Hamburgers were lunch today. I felt surprise because I’ve never expected hamburgers to be lunch here before. And it’s probably my first time having soup in lunch. The reason why I hardly have soup is that I’m too lazy to wash two dishes haha. Actually after the lunch on Wednesday, we have some kind of English meeting in the library, but not today which means I have free time after that. Anne and I spent that time preparing English classes tomorrow and the solution is to read some classic cartoons,

  • The giving tree
  • Where the wind things are
  • Green eggs and ham

with the students and then ask them about stories, such as something they like about stories or new words that they learn from. The reason why we want to read is that we realized the students hardly read books which is really important to improve the English skills. While we were preparing this, Anne and I had a talk and she asked me some questions that were nostalgic to me and also made me realized when I fell in love with English. She asked me how I learnt English in Thailand and how I improved my English skills. I told her that it’s probably when I started listening to foreign songs, Taylor Swift, when I was in junior school. I wanted to know what she is singing, so I printed a copy of lyrics, look up those words I didn’t know and try to translate the songs. That’s how it began I  think.


On free time afternoon, we just randomly join any classes we like. Anne(and John) joined music, Ukulele class and I joined an art class. The picture that we can see down below is what I drew. Of course, on afternoon breaks, basketball times! The differences between afternoon and morning breaks are that this afternoon the weather was colder and there were about ten students joined us, not only John and me like in the morning. It’s pretty fun and tired at the same time. When we’re done with breaks, we continue our classes and then playing basketball and then classes… It’s funny how we do like that but I love how everyone appeared at the basketball court and they wanted to play together. Plus, I also got some sorry feeling if I should tell them that I won’t be able to play with them again after this Friday, only two days to go. I could just leave them, but when I think about myself if I were them, I would like to have some goodbyes. This thing has been stuck in my mind for a few days now.

About 4 pm, we went home with Anne, Angel, Trista and Nick. When I reached home, Jimmy quickly approached to me and told me to be quiet because Buting was sleeping. This is probably the first time I saw Buting sleep. About 6 pm, Kanchih, Jimmy, Ferniza and Buting went to Kanchih’s mother house. The sky on the way to her home was extremely beautiful that I couldn’t stand with not taking pictures. The dinner there was delicious as usual 🙂 especially apples, I like apples. The children in the home played a game called Uncle Wang that is the same as “เกมเศรษฐี” in Thai.

After finished the dinner, my host father, Kanchih took BuTing and me to another places nearby the home to watch the sunset by motercycle. And of course, I fell in love with the sunset. So beautiful. On the way going back home from where we watched the sunset, there were tons of mosquito and flies that we couldn’t even open our mouths to speak. Kanchih told me that might be because of there are bats here. At 7.30 pm, we went to 7-11 to book train and bus package ticket to Sun moon lake and I also bought some snacks and drinks that I wanted from here. I’m still not used to not giving bags from 7-11 here.


We reached home about 8.30 pm. I shared my snack, played with Jimmy and Ferniza for a while and then going to my bed thinking about tomorrow. I need to go to one another school (where I forgot the name) , give them Thailand presentation and also English with forth graders tomorrow when I get back from that school.

I’ve been in Beishi elementary school for almost two weeks and I’m having only two days left in Beishi elementary school now.  I feel like it’s just a week here and I feel a bit cling with this school, students and everyone. Everyone is so nice, really nice to me. I feel really appreciate with everyone that tries to speak and communicate with me. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I don’t think I have time to play basketball with John as always. That means I have one day left, on Friday playing basketball with him. I hope everything I will OK tomorrow and may the force be with me 🙂

Jer gun.